Investments in Venice

Venezia gondola

Venice, a lagoon city known all over the world for its timeless charm, is currently one of the most searched locations by investors from around the world. There are several reasons why it is worth investing in Venice. Among those considered in the long list, there are certainly the desirable location, the Mediterranean climate, the prestige and the high historical / artistic value of the buildings of the centre, the flourishing tourism and the continuous demand for temporary accommodation by young workers and students.

Geographic position and favourable climate

It would seem almost obvious to underline this aspect, however the habituation to the climatic variations typical of the great continental cities, tends often not to take into consideration this priceless added value. Just look at the metropolis like London, Oslo or New York, to understand that the "weather" factor does not affect the choices made by international magnates. In the case of Venice however, the mild temperatures, the modern urban setting on a human scale and the geographically strategic position constitutes a significant plus, able to overcome for minor failings, and at the same time increasing the reputation of an ideal place to live and consequently spend. Not everyone will know that the city, an important port and historical reference point in the commercial relations between Europe and the Mediterranean, has more than 7 km of beaches. Together with about 2 thousand yearly hours of estimated sunshine and the extreme proximity of the Dolomites mountain range, this peculiarity makes it a particularly attractive holiday destination.


Thanks to an efficient transport network and a functional airport, the third in Italy by number of passengers after the ones of Rome and Milan, Venice enjoys a significant tourist flow, and, with long-term perspective, constantly increasing. Visitors choose Venice, not only as an artistic and cultural destination, but also for its renowned quality of life. In both the central areas and in the urban periphery, the standards are clearly higher than those achieved by other Italian cities. Health and education fully reflect the model of welfare disseminated and promoted by the international community, and the many cultural initiatives contribute to raising the level of general lifestyle. For further information, you can visit the website

Venezia canale


Talking about accommodations in Venice is like dealing with precious stones of rare beauty. It is now known that the historic centre is no longer buildable, which is why the offer is limited and the owners will never see the real estate devalue. Added to this is the pressing demand for rentals for tourist and student use. The convenience inherent in the purchase of a accomodation therefore, is highlighted by the possibility of obtaining high profits.