Modica. Noble city, populous and affluent, head of the ancient and very large county. "Description nineteenth century belongs to the historical and ecclesiastical Vito Amico, elegantly captures the economic, political and cultural life of a city, whose roots seem to sink in time circumstances and remote and not always clear. A "United Kingdom", was defined as the phenomenon of regional organizations such as the County of Modica, although formally created by the King, were a real power and an eventual, essential economic and political support for any form of central power. There are numerous representations of the city: • Modica, "city of the hundred churches"; • city of Modica Salvatore Quasimodo; • City's famous bridge, the highest in Europe, dominating the entire city, and joining the old and the new Modica. • Town of Castle, which remains a tower of the eighteenth century, and, more recently, clock. • The "City of Two Cities", Modica and Modica Bassa. • City of delicious cakes and traditional foods and colorful, beautiful landscapes of sea and countryside. • City and County of Baroque, testifying to the splendor and historical significance of the city in past times, when he was among the most beautiful and powerful in Sicily. • Finally, the city of disasters: natural, like earthquakes in 1613 and 1693, and the floods of 1833 and 1902, human, as respectfully (for the real catastrophes) judges, the placement of certain opprobrium among architectural and historical contexts extraction of a completely different art.

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