Our destinations in Brasilien

The state of social indicators are among the best in the country and South America. It has the highest index for expected life of the country, the lowest rate of infant mortality and is also the federal unit with less economic inequality and illiteracy in Brazil. Santa Catarina is considered a rich state and boasts the sixth largest GDP of the Federation, with a diversified and industrialized economy. Major exporter and consumer polo, the state is the one responsible for national economic growth, accounting for 4% of gross domestic product.   Santa Catarina has one of the largest European colonization of Brazil, with the largest number of Italian, German and Portuguese immigrants.   Florianópolis is the capital of Santa Catarina, has 100 beaches only in the capital, the most famous is Jurerê International, which has high standard properties and the most clappers beachs clubs in South America.   Balneário Camboriú has the highest square meter state, with Luxury real estate and place of international celebrities, the city is by the sea, and have the highest buildings in Brazil.   Apart from these cities, Santa Catarina has Blumenau, German colonization of the city. Joinville city with the highest number of inhabitants and the state with the largest number of industries. Criciúma is a city with many industries and have one of the largest coal extraction of Brazil. We also have the city of Urubici, in winter mark the lowest temperatures in Brazil, with the lowest on record of -17.8 ° C.   The state of Santa Catarina is the most beautiful and the best place in Brazil to live, people all over the world come to spend the holidays and to buy real estate as an investment, because it is the only state that holds the value of their properties.